LEAP Car Club has now rolled in to Linwood.

Linstone tenants are now eligible to sign-up for the LEAP (Local Energy Action Plan) Car Club. Linstone staff are using the car currently and have been for the past couple of weeks. Membership will be available to all Linwood residents soon. LEAP is providing a Ford C-Max which will be kept at a marked bay in the Belmar Court car park and will be available 24/7, with the keys stored safely near the entrance to Belmar Court to easily be collected when you have booked the car for use.

The first 15 Linstone tenants to sign-up will have their annual fee waived, usually costing £60, and a reduced annual fee of £15 to all Linstone tenants after this. Once a member you will receive the necessary details to book the car, using an easy to use online scheduler, where you can quickly see when the car is available. The car can be booked in advance by days, weeks or months but can also be booked, keys collected and on the road in minutes. The car can be used for as long or as short a time as needed. Users will be charged an hourly rate and have to pay 24p per mile travelled. Linstone tenant will be receiving a reduced hourly rate due to our partnership with LEAP. To find more about becoming a member and the costs click here.


Car Clubs are growing in popularity with over 300 car club vehicles in use throughout the country. We carried out a survey with some of our tenants about the idea of bringing a Car Club to Linwood and overall we received positive comments. Many stated that it would be a great idea for Linwood residents as it provides an alternative to public transport; taxi’s and even owning your own car. Using a shared vehicle also has a number of environmental benefits as it can lead to less cars on the road and the vehicle’s provided by LEAP have lower emissions that the average car on U.K roads.

We hope to see plenty of tenants signing up and getting involved with the Car Club. More information about LEAP can be found here. Car Club Coordinator, Mike Callaghan, will be available every Monday morning at the Langholm Community Hub in Belmar Court for tenants to discuss any concerns or ask any questions they need to before signing up.