With funding support from Energy Saving Trust we have installed an electric vehicle charging facility which is free to use and open to anyone with an electric vehicle. Our Estates team will use it to charge the electric van. The charging point can be found in the car park between Asbury and Belmar Court, just off Melrose Avenue and the A761.

Once funding was granted Head of Transport in Scotland at the Energy Saving Trust, Matthew Eastwood stated;

We are delighted to provide Linstone with funding for charging facilities in Linwood. Sales of plug-in vehicles have been increasing every year and we have no doubt that this trend will continue due to the substantial fuel cost savings that can be achieved. Facilities like these are crucial in supporting the growing number of EV drivers in Scotland

There are a number of benefits to owning an electric vehicle including lower   running and and maintenance costs; travelling 100 miles in a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle costs between £11 and £16, in an electric vehicle this  distance would cost between £3 and £5. Electric vehicles also have fewer moving parts, meaning less servicing and chances for things to go wrong. With an electric vehicle the battery has to be replaced but most batteries should last around 8 years. Electric vehicles create less pollution helping improve air quality and reduce the climate warming effects of carbon emissions.

We urge any electric vehicle owners in the area to take advantage of this fantastic free facility. Before the Linwood EV Charging Point was installed the closest point was at Renfrewshire Council’s premises in Paisley. We hope easy access to a charge point means  people considering an electric vehicle may now make the choice with charging facilities now available in Linwood.

For more information on the funding or to find out more about electric vehicles, visit: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/domestic/improving-my-travel

To search for charging points around Scotland visit: