Registered tenants and residents organisation (RTO)

Tenant participation is about tenants and residents being involved in the decision-making processes and influencing decisions about housing policies, housing conditions and related services.

One of the main ways to make sure you have a voice and are able to influence the decisions that affect your home and your tenancy is to get involved in a tenants and residents association.

Setting up a registered tenants organisation

To become a Registered Tenants Organisation, groups of residents must:

• have a publicly available written constitution
• have an elected committee
• operate within a defined geographical area which includes Linstone stock
• be able to represent the views of the tenants
• have open membership
• have appropriate accounting records and present an annual financial statement to the AGM

Funding and support

The association offers funding and support to assist in the initial set up and ongoing help in the form of start up and annual grants.

All tenants and residents groups are eligible for a ‘Start–up grant’ of £100 and an annual administration grant depending on the number of houses occupied by Linstone tenants, however, this is usually in the region of £400.00. The groups can also apply for one-off grants for special purchases and training vouchers.

For further information download the following document:

Grants for tenant and resident associations and registered tenants organisations

Existing tenants and residents organisations registered with Linstone

  • Spateston Tenants & Residents Association
  • Farrier Court Tenants Association
  • Langholm Tenant and Residents Association (covering Asbury Court, Belmar Court and surrounding areas)

If you are interested about finding our more about the above groups, contact your Housing Officer on 01505 382383.