Car Club in Linwood

Linstone are partnering with LEAP (Local Energy Action Plan) to bring their Car Club to Linwood residents. This provides a fantastic alternative to owning a vehicle whilst still having access to a car. Over half of the current Car Club members have actually sold their car or not had to buy an additional vehicle because they have access to a reliable vehicle when needed.

LEAP is providing a Toyota Auris Hybrid which is be available 24/7 and will be kept in a marked space at the Belmar Court car park. To use the car first you must sign up and become a member. The keys are being kept securely beside the entrance to Belmar Court. After becoming a member you will receive the details needed to collect the keys and get driving.  Linstone are subsidising the cost for our tenants, reducing the annual membership to only £15, Linwood residents’ annual membership fee will be the Car Club standard of £60 once rolled out further. To become a member you need to be 21 or older, be in possession of a full driving license for 2 years with no more than 6 points. You may use the car for as little as an hour or even the full day, all you have to do is book the car via a quick and easy online scheduler.

LEAP will take care of all the maintenance, cleaning, fuel and insurance costs. Members have only to pay for the hours they use the car and number of miles travelled. A fuel card is in the car which can be used to pay for fuel, with the request that each member leaves half a tank of fuel in the car when they return in to the designated parking bay. Linstone will be subsidising the hourly rate for tenants to only £1.50. Linwood residents will pay the Car Club standard rate of £3.99 per hour. Miles travelled will be charged at 24p a mile. Members will receive an invoice with their usage at the end of each month.

Margaret Bailie, tenant liaison officer at Belmar Court Community Hub, is on hand to help local residents find out more about using the Car Club. LEAP Car Club coordinator Mike Callaghan will also be available at Belmar every Monday morning between 10 A.M and 1 P.M, to answer any questions and help members make full use of this new means of transport for Linwood.

Joining the Car Club could offer many social and economic opportunities for people who normally have to travel using public transport and could provide a cheaper alternative to those using taxi’s regularly. The RAC suggest the cost of owning a vehicle is over £6,500 a year and the Car Club can provide a usable alternative to those who don’t use their own car too often and could lead to many giving up their second car, click here to see how much you could save. This can be a real benefit as it leads to fewer cars on the road and  improved air quality as Car Club vehicles have better carbon emissions that the average car on the road in the UK.

LEAP is a charity who focuses on sustainable living, reducing carbon emissions and helping people save money. Currently operating Car Clubs in both Bridge of Weir and Lochwinnoch and have seen great success with those, we are certain that success will continue in Linwood. Car Clubs are growing in popularity in Scotland, with 300 Car Club vehicles active throughout the country. A feasibility study was carried out in Renfrewshire which recognised Linwood as an excellent place for a Car Club due to the high population density, good public transport links and the ability to work with Linstone to help support the launch with use by Linstone staff.


To find out more about LEAP click here and to join the Car Club click here.