Linstone Marks its 20th Year with a focus on tenants and communities

This year marks Linstone Housing Association’s 20th Anniversary. To celebrate, Linstone has organised various community events including a Civic Reception in Paisley Town Hall hosted by The Provost of Renfrewshire, Lorraine Cameron, and a Tea Dance in the Tweedie Hall in Linwood. Each event has been an opportunity to say thank you and also strengthen existing relationships with our tenants and residents, staff and committee members, as well as partner organisations. We have created a short video that shows some snapshot images details some our 20 year history.

Adele Fraser, Chief Executive of Linstone Housing Association, said: “We want to mark our 20th anniversary by holding some really good and inclusive community events. As well as looking back with pride to what has been achieved in the last 20 years, we are also looking forwards in our new 5- year Business Plan. ”

Linstone is fully committed to strengthening our local communities. Over the course of 2017, our Community Based Transitional Employment Programme (CBET) programme was set up. CBET provides a stable and supportive working environment with the Linstone and partner organisations to offer a nurturing transitional work place for people in the local community seeking work. The programme, launched at the beginning of 2018, now has 32 participants from the local community, some of whom are Linstone tenants. CBET has been hugely successful and was a finalist in the ‘Community Contribution Award’ at the Scottish Home Awards this year. For the past two decades Linstone has worked in partnership with external agencies to provide the highest standards of service and support to our local community.

Looking to the future, Linstone has created a new 5 Year Business Plan that outlines some of the exciting projects that are planned. The first is to deliver a new service called Linstone 20/20. Our Chief Executive, commented on the project is “about expanding the work that we are already doing in our local communities by developing additional community hubs in Linwood and Johnstone.” Linstone 20/20 will:

  • Build local people’s digital skills to promote social inclusion and increase employment opportunities.
  • Increase community cohesion by enjoying a sense of belonging and neighbourliness.
  • Build confidence, personal resilience, and provide opportunities to support / inspire others.

The project is one of many that will cement Linstone Housing Association’s commitment to enhance communities and improve houses.