Support when things get difficult

Our Tenancy Assistance service can provide help when you are applying for housing or moving into one of our homes for the first time. We provide¬†advice and assistance to help make sure that you understand what’s involved in living in a Linstone property.

Although the service is aimed at those who do not yet have a tenancy with us, it can also be used by current tenants of the Association who may be having difficulties with their tenancy.

The free service is provided by our Tenancy Sustainment Officer, Hazel Boulton. Any discussions with Hazel are strictly confidential.

How do I access the service?

When applying for housing, if you have highlighted a level of vulnerability or there are exceptional circumstances, a referral will be made to the Tenancy Assistance service.  Hazel will then contact you to discuss what help you need.

For current tenants of Linstone Housing, a referral can be made by your Housing Officer or your Income Officer. Alternatively you can contact Hazel direct on 01505 384113 or submit a contact form.