Please select the most appropriate means of reporting your repair from the list below:

  • Tweet us a picture of the repair  @LinstoneHousing
  • To report all repairs except gas please telephone 01505 382383 (select option 1)
  • Text REPAIR to 07779 172172 to request a call back from our repairs team
  • In person at our office (within opening hours)
  • Our simple online repair reporting system below (for non urgent repairs only)
  • To report an emergency repair out with office hours please call Mears Group on 01236 793371
  • To report repairs for your gas central heating or hot water please telephone our contractor James Frew on 01294 468113
  • To report a gas leak please contact Transco on 0800 111 999
  • Need help with small repairs?
  • Find more details about how to report a repair

Step 1: Select the Problem

Got a repair we should know about? To help us send out the correct expert to fix you're problem please select an option from the following list that best describes your problem. Then follow the instructions to submit your issue. Once you're problem is reported we will get an expert out as quickly as possible to repair the issue.