Our factoring and estate management service

At Linstone Housing Association we provide a factoring and estate management service to around 2,800 owners.

If you own a property which is factored or managed by Linstone, find a range of useful information and services to help make the most of our services. Got a bill to pay? Find easy ways to make a payment.

We offer two levels of service:

Estate management

Our estate management property service includes administration, landscaping, feu repairs and contract work as required.

Factored property

Our factored property service includes management, block repairs, electricity services, landscaping and insurance in addition to the estate management services.

Our services for owner properties

Billing: find out about billing and payments. This applies to estate managed and factored property.
Management and adminstration: what’s included in our management and adminstration services
Insurance: find out about our block building insurance policy for factored properties
Repairs: use the online service to request a repair. Find out about common feu repairs
Landscape maintenance: find out more about landscape maintenance, who does what and how we charge

We also offer a welfare rights service for owners. Get in touch for confidential advice and support.

Our Written Statement of Services is in line with Section 1.1a of the Code of Conduct for Property Factors and covers all the details which owners need about our services.

Keep in touch

If you have queries about your factoring or estate management service, including enquiries about invoices, please contact Jillian Bell our Factoring Assistant on 01505 382383.

And remember, that if you sell your property you need to let us know.