Please note the next invoices will be issued shortly. 

The billing period covered by this invoice will be:  

01/06/17 – 30/11/17 (factored owners) 


Factored owners

If you are a factored owner (FAC) we will bill you twice yearly for the periods 1st December – 31st May and 1st June – 30th November.  Bills are issued around July and January. Your bill will cover the following:

  • Management fee
  • Block repairs
  • Electricity service charges
  • Caretaking charges (Corseford/Kintyre/Multis)
  • Insurance excess claims (when applicable)
  • Contract work e.g. painter work etc. (when applicable)
  • Feu repairs (yearly)
  • Landscaping charge (yearly)
  • Block building insurance (yearly)

How to pay your invoice

Find what you need to know about how to pay your bill.

Estate management – non-factored owners (NFA)

If you are a non-factored owner you will be billed yearly for the period 1st June – 31st May. Bills issued around July. Your bill will cover the following:

  • Administration fee
  • Landscaping charge
  • Feu repairs
  • Contract work (when applicable)

Settlement of invoices and arrangement facility

Linstone is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and our income comes from the rents of our tenanted properties. If owners’ accounts are not cleared within a suitable timeframe our tenants subsidise that outstanding debt. This is something we obviously cannot allow.

Once your invoice is issued you will have 21 days to settle this account or to make an acceptable repayment arrangement.

When calculating a suitable arrangement we will use the following criteria-:

  • Debts under £1000 should be cleared within 12 months (we will include estimated charges that will be due over that 1 year period)
  • Debts between £1000-£3000 should be cleared within 2 years (estimated charges over that 2 year period will be included)
  • Debts over £3000 should be cleared within 3 years (estimated charges for that 3 year period will be included)

Should you fail to settle in full or make a repayment arrangement within 21 days a reminder letter will be issued giving you a further 7 days to make payment.

If, following the reminder, the account is still not paid or repayment arrangement made you will be issued with a final reminder.

Failure to clear the debt will result in a 7 day solicitor’s warning letter being issued (an administration charge of £10 will be applied to your account).

If the debt continues to be outstanding after this then one of 2 further actions will be taken:

Debts under £300 – will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency for collection. 

Debts over £300 – we will commence legal action which can lead to a Decree for payment being awarded. This Decree then allows us to use other avenues to collect payment such as wage arrestment, bank account arrestment, rent attachment (if you are letting out your property) and – in extreme cases – applying to have a person sequestrated (bankruptcy) (depending on level of debt).

If the debt is over £500 a Notice of Potential Liability will be registered – this secures the debt against your property meaning that if you choose to sell your property in the future the debt must be settled as a condition of sale or a prospective new owner would have to agree to take on the debt before the sale could proceed.

Please note that all costs incurred in taking further action are due to be paid by the owner and these can amount to over £500. 

It is essential, therefore, that you either clear your account in full within 21 days of billing. Contact Michelle for properties in Linwood, or Emma for properties in Paisley and Johnstone on 01505 384120 immediately to discuss an acceptable repayment arrangement.