Linstone is proposing the annual rent increase to be 2.5%, which is below the average of other Housing Associations in the Glasgow & West of Scotland area, (currently averaging 3% at 11/12/2017). This increase would work out on average at £1.92 per week.

Please note that this will not affect anyone on Full Housing Benefit

On top of a rolling repairs budget of around £700k, planned investment of approximately £2m has been budgeted in 2018/19. This level of investment is scheduled to continue for the next 5 years and includes a program of new windows and doors, rewiring and heating systems.

We calculate the increase on the basis of the Consumer Price Index, and the cost of maintaining our services to tenants. We need to increase the rents to reflect the rising inflation rates which impact on the costs of running the association. We are aware that tenants may find the increase difficult to meet, so we are aiming to offer an increase which is below CPI. We also aim to maintain the level of investment in our properties and to try and limit the financial pressure on tenants’ household bills.

Please complete the survey below to give us your feedback regarding the rent increase.