On Wednesday 23rd May around 40 Linstone Housing Associations residents and tenants came to support the Sandyflats Community Hub Open Day. The Hub, located at 28 Longmeadows, Johnstone, PA5 8PU, offers the local community a chance to get together, share ideas, access services, take part in activities, and gain skills, confidence and friends. The Hub will enhance and improve methods of engagement and transparency between Linstone and the local community.

The opening of the Sandyflats Community Hub saw Housing Officer Cheryl Dawber, Tenant Liaison Officer Margaret Baillie, Income Officer Linsey Duffy and Connect4Renfrewshire’s Project Coordinator Debs Allan on hand to answer any and all questions. Encouraging community participation by collecting feedback and suggestions from those who attended on what purpose the Hub should have to best serve the needs of the local community which has generated a multitude of ideas for the future of the Hub. The Linstone staff also discussed exciting existing and future development projects that will be undertaken in the local area. Projects such as the roll out of the ‘Pilot Block’ on Huntersfield Road, which will see the removal of overgrown, time consuming hedges from the front of tenants properties and replace them with simple yet effective fencing.

The successful soft launch of the Hub has generated a buzz for the official opening which will take place this coming August.